WELCOME and thanks for visiting!  I love sharing 'The Father's World' with you!  Take a journey with me, as there is much to experience - from the journey through the Texas back country to observing an elegant dance of flowers!
My journey today has me learning to ‘see’ not just with my eyes, but with my heart - responding to the world around me, and the One who created it all.  I see His hand in a beautiful and intricate flower, in a majestic sunrise or sunset, in the power of a thunderstorm, in the work ethic of an insect, and in the rebirth of spring and the colors of fall.
Flowers, however, with all their diversity and 'personalities' are my passion.  My ‘macro studio’ in my home is my preferred way of keeping me surrounded by my loves.  Creating flower art in my studio is perfect for the climate here in Texas.
Contact me with feedback &/or questions, and enjoy your visit to The Father’s World!  
Blessings, Barbara
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